Dr. Shawn (Xiangru) Lian (廉相如)

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I just left Kuaishou Technology (SEHK:1024) , where I spent a few years leading multiple engineering and algorithm teams building the company's large scale AI platform. I also served as a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Kuaishou Seattle AI Lab . We built reliable, scalable, and distributed systems with cutting edge technologies, including large scale ranking/personalization engines, high performance distributed deep learning infrastructure, and model compression frameworks.

I received my PhD degree from University of Rochester in 2019 working with my advisor Dr. Ji Liu . We published important results on distributed machine learning, including the theoretical justification of asynchronous SGD (NeurIPS 2015 spotlight ), and the first decentralized SGD with linear speedup (NeurIPS 2017 oral ).

I got started with programming before I went to preschool. Comprehensive engineering knowledge together with deep understanding of algorithms help me keep teams on the right direction to solve challenging real world problems.

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